Great Leaps Forward



Art Direction isn’t a nine to five job. Creativity isn’t simply switched off and put in a box when I leave Tiger HQ. I am a creative, so being creative is my everyday life.

Whether it’s decorating, garden planning, or cooking, there’s always an opportunity to embellish. Family walks become photo shoots. Sights and stories get stored away, like seeds ready to grow into an idea. Inspiration can come from anywhere, from all walks of life, you just need to keep an eye out for it.

Yet, turning an idea into a reality requires the same level of detail, dedication and direction. Ensuring that the end result remains as close to the vision in my head as possible can mean that Art Direction really isn’t a nine to five job.

Recently, when creating family activities for the RSPB, I meticulously tested them out before being happy to unleash them on the world. My fellow tigers, and kids, became guinea pigs along the way. But considering there was baking involved, they didn’t mind.


Puffins (pancake muffins):

One of our copywriters, Alex, sourced our ‘puffin’ recipe and converted it to metric measurements. Knowing that he’s better with words than numbers, I spent my evenings putting his recipe to the test. They were delicious, but I ended up baking twice as many as anticipated – much to the delight of my kids and the tigers in the office.


A great hit with Reece, my eight year old, who helped mix the edibauble batter. It was his idea to add copper ribbon as a final touch, the clever clogs. It was nearly midnight before I’d finished decorating them, only then did I stop to think how I was going to transport them to Tiger HQ without breaking any before our morning’s photo shoot.

Puffin pen pots:

Reece tested out our instructions, to see how fun and easy a young child would find our family activity. Worryingly, Sam, one of our Account Executives managed to make much more of a meal of it. She’s traumatised by the experience, but Reece loved it and has in fact asked on many occasions to make more.

You see, for every job we undertake at Cherry Tiger, we go above and beyond to make sure our creative vision is realised, while always having a little fun along the way as well.

Puffin penpot